Mental Shifts

In the Foresighted Fitness toolbox, Mental Shifts are among the most powerful tools you can seize to optimize your training volume and efficiency. Have a read below and click on each one for more information.


Understand the fundamental necessity of increasing your physical activity volume and variety each and every day

Our bodies have evolved to superbly maintain long-term health in a very specific lifestyle: the movement rich hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the early homo sapiens. Remove this volume and this variety, and our biological mechanisms supporting our homeostasis (capacity to remain healthy) start to break down, short-term or long-term. Hence the need, in our modern lifestyle, to drastically increase our physical activity volume and variety, on a daily basis.  Read more

Don’t train for specific movements, train for broad physical capabilities

Don’t have training goals around pull-ups, muscle-ups or any other specific standard fitness movements that requires standard fitness equipment. That will automatically limit your training opportunities. Instead, aim to develop broad physical capabilities: upper body pull strength, upper body push strength, lower body power and explosivity, etc. Read more

Be proud of improvised training in non-fitness environments

For most of us, not training in a gym or with a gym equipment means that we are not training optimally. Fitness needs to be trained at a gym and with the correct equipment no? So when we cannot do that, what do we do? Usually, we don’t train because we think it won’t be worth it. And we’re so, so wrong. Training in many improvised places is a good way to increase variability and variability is an excellent way to develop broad and adaptable capabilities. Read more

Educate yourself so you’re not vulnerable to social awkwardness

Training outside in “non-fitness” locations is very efficient but can be socially awkward. Go past this feeling by getting a deeper understanding of the health implications of not enough physical activity in your life. You’ll see the benefits vastly outweigh the cost in awkwardness and will have an easier time going past it. Read more

Maximize your physical efforts in daily mundane activities

When doing your daily, non-training related, activities, make a conscious effort to maximize your physical effort. Carry things (groceries, bags, etc) in the most challenging position you can. Have a work backpack? Try carrying it with one arm only throughout your commute. Alternate when your arm gives up. You can increase your training volume with no additional training time by maximizing your efforts when doing the movements you have to do. Read more


Training many times in small amount of time throughout the day is as beneficial as a 1h workout

Finding time for a 1h workout is hard, and almost impossible if you have a demanding career and young kids. Don’t feel like you’re underachieving if your schedule doesn’t allow you regular structured workouts. You don’t need them to train optimally. Read more

Multitask: add physical activity to your daily activities to increase training volume

Realize you have multiple opportunities to add training volume in your day that don’t require dedicated training time: 10 mins anywhere gives you a session. Walking, commuting, groceries shopping, brushing your teeth are all activities you have to do where you can get additional training time. Read more

Aim for continual habits that will be broken from time to time rather than perfection

Don’t shoot for a huge change overnight. Build up small habits step by step. You will achieve much more. Read more