Natural Movement Classes for Kids & Teens

Before / During / After School


  • Give your kids a bullet-proof body that maximizes their long-term adult health
  • Give them practical skills and develop mental capabilities that will enhance their academic and future professional achievements
  • Develop unique physical capabilities that directly increase their performance in competitive sports


Evolution has shaped the human body so it is exceptionally capable of fulfilling the physical demands placed on him by the lifestyle of early Homo Sapiens. We are all today Homo Sapiens and our bodies haven’t evolved in a significant way since that time.

A consequence that is often ignored is that the human body actually requires these physical stimuli to develop and grow old healthily. It co-evolved in an external environment where these stimuli were always present and adapted to take advantage of them.

Remove them however, and some biological mechanisms start to break down, in the short or medium term.


Our modern, urban and sedentary lifestyle puts us at risk of doesn’t provide us with enough physical activity in either volume or variety. This has especially important consequences for kids and teens, since some developmental mechanisms —such as increasing bone density to prevent osteoporosis later on— only occur during those early years of life.

We use the MovNat® system to teach Natural Movement®. MovNat® is a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. MovNat® trains physical competence for practical performance.This system provides young bodies with all the physical stimuli they require to grow and develop as healthily and capable as possible.

Unique Benefits

The MovNat® system develops exceptional capabilities in ground movement, running, jumping, vaulting, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching.

This variety of movement, based on evolutionary biology and sports science, along with a tough but non-competitive style of teaching brings students unique benefits not often provided by other physical activities.

These benefits and improved skills transfer to their immediate academic endeavours but also to their later professional ones.


We are currently taking expressions of interest for a launch planned in the second half of 2019 and will prioritize schools where demands for such classes is high. Please use this form to register your interest. You also have a chance to become a recognized advocate for your school: advocates help us reach minimum enrollments number to be able to offer a class and in return get deeply discounted fees for all their enrolled children.

Health Benefits

Physical Stimuli: providing the necessary physical stimuli to ensure their body develops as healthily and capable as possible. For example, depth jumps and time spent hanging from bars optimally stimulate their body to maximize bone density.

Physical activity habit for life: It’s now commonly accepted that a regular physical activity throughout our lives is necessary to ensure good health, yet few of us manage to achieve it. Counter this by having your kids exercise regularly when growing up and consciously create such a habit for them. This will give them a life-long advantage.

Equip them for high-achieving personal and professional lives: Juggling the demands of family life along with a high-powered career lives very little time for exercising. But unlike typical gym or personal training sessions, Movnat techniques don’t require any equipment or even dedicated time slots to be practiced with optimal results. Your adult kids will be able to exercise optimally during playground visits as well as during business trips, and of course as part of their busy routine all year long. So not only will they have a habit of regularly exercising, but they will be able to practice it anywhere, anytime, even with a very busy schedule.

Mental Benefits

Natural Movement practice improves several mental capabilities that transfer to the academic and, later, professional worlds.

Innovative: training this way is still new and not seen as common. To be innovative you have to be comfortable outside of the expected social norms.
Resilience & Persistence: high intensity bouts within training session require to push through fatigue and tiredness by relying on mental fortitude. Once you get used to the feeling and experience of surpassing your own expectations, you start to do the same in your other pursuits.
Confidence from practical skills: Being able to easily climb a wall, get on a roof and jump down or even carry another person gives a lot of confidence that is then transferred to academic, relationship and (future) professional pursuits.
Confidence from body composition: Kids that develop an above average level of strength, mobility and conditioning also improve their body composition, which naturally increases their self-confidence.
Adaptability: Kids train in different environments and settings, using constantly evolving equipment found in natural and urban settings. They constantly have to adapt and develop their confidence in always evolving environments. 
Creativity: Training sessions incorporate existing settings in the environment and make the most of them in the most creative ways possible.
Toughness: Training is ideally conducted barefoot when safe and in all weather. Training barefoot not only helps to develop strong feet muscles but also offers the chance to experience and overcome momentary discomfort and push through this physical and mental challenge.
Non-competitive: develop their internal drive to achieve. While there definitely is some camaraderie, this is a non-competitive practice and inclusion is the priority. But inclusion doesn’t mean settling for participation. Kids are taught to always aim to improve, to always target a higher achievement. They learn to mentally push through their limits even in the absence of an external drive and to never become complacent.
Time efficiency: habit of taking advantage of every moment to train carries over to habit of not wasting time in academic and, later, professional endeavors.

Practical Benefits

Climbing: have fun or escape anyone by learning to climb over a high wall, on top of a bar or high tree branch.
Jumping: learn how to pass an obstacle by jumping over it or jumping from it without being trapped.
Balancing: be confident walking on narrow surfaces requiring composed balancing, be it a mountain top for fun or a roof edge while escaping a threat.
Lifting & Carrying: be independent when needing to move heavy objects in your day to day life. And when facing life-threatening situations, be confident in your abilities to carry your loved ones to safety, if you need to.
Fall Resilience: learn how to break a fall and avoid injury, even from a high height on a hard urban surface by rolling in any direction necessary to disperse the force of impact. Can save you from injury while escaping or suffering an accidental fall.

Physical Benefits

This type of physical activity, with an emphasis on whole-body and practical movements, is a perfect complement to existing sport-specific training.

Extensive strength & mobility: most techniques learned are whole-body compound techniques requiring both considerable strength and mobility. Both will drastically increase throughout training.
Conditioning: every session includes a conditioning circuit where multiple skills and techniques are combined in a high intensity challenge.
Weakness mitigation: training for any competitive sport is by nature specialized, which can create physical weaknesses in attributes that are not relevant for such a sport-specific training goal. Complementing sport-specific training with Movnat® training mitigates this and reduces any weaknesses over time.
Injury resilience: developing whole-body physical attributes at higher levels of fitness decreases the probability of suffering an injury, even during sport-specific training.
Balance & Coordination: Movnat® trains balance and coordination in unique ways, not usually employed in any other forms of training. The resulting abilities constitute a real advantage in any competitive sport.


And get a chance to become an advocate for discounted fees

We are currently taking expressions of interest for a launch planned in the second half of 2019 and will prioritize schools where demands for such classes is high. Please use this form to register your interest. You also have a chance to become a recognized advocate for your school: advocates help us reach minimum enrollments number to be able to offer a class and in return get deeply discounted fees for all their enrolled children.

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