How to increase your total training volume?

As busy professionals and/or busy parents, time may be your main constraint preventing you from working out as regularly as you know you should.

Our bodies have evolved to cope with a high volume of physical activity daily and suffer negative health consequences if they don’t get it.

It is possible however to train quite intensively without having dedicated and structured “workout time” in your schedule.

Structured and dedicated training time helps, of course, but sometimes you just can’t carve out a whole hour or even 45 mins in your life to just train.

That’s ok, because you can still take advantage of even 15 mins to have a structured training time through Opportunistic Training, regardless of where or when you can get those 15 mins.

And even if you simply cannot get dedicated training time in, it’s no reason to give up either, as there is still a lot you can do using Simultaneous Training:

  • train when you have 30 seconds available while commuting, waiting to cross the road, doing homework with the kids or just going through the airport to catch your flight. You can do isometrics, stretching, etc.
  • increase the intensity of a movement you already do, like carrying groceries or a work backpack. Even if the load is light, you can always use a carry method that is more straining for you, like carrying with straight or bent arms away from your body. See also the Mental Shift Maximize your physical efforts in daily mundane activities
  • add movement to an activity you have to do in any case: deep squat while brushing your teeth, do isometrics work while walking or commuting seated in the train/bus, massage your feet by rolling your plantar fascia while cooking or doing the dishes, etc.
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