Optimized training for busy professionals & parents.

The Foresighted Fitness system, based on the Movnat® method:

  • fits in our busy, unpredictable schedules (incl. trips)
  • provides the most benefits out of a limited training time
  • can be done with kids around and is inspiring to them
  • can be done anytime, anywhere, without equipment
  • prioritizes long term health and practical capabilities

How to maximize the benefits you get from fitness training?

Choose the fitness practice delivering the most benefits: the Movnat method. Then increase your training volume and efficiency: the Foresighted Fitness system.


The Movnat method delivers the most benefits in terms of health outcomes, physical capabilities, mental improvements and practical skills. Also deeply enjoyable and easy to practice anywhere.


Maximize your training volume by using Mental Shifts to uncover training opportunities within very busy days. No need for additional & dedicated training time to get physical activity.


Now that you have more time to train, it’s about maximizing the benefits you get from your efforts. You are more capable than you think. Time to realize that potential.

Foresight (noun) [U] /ˈfɔː.saɪt/: the ability to see what is likely to happen in the future and to take appropriate action.


Practicing Movnat as part of the Foresighted Fitness system has many unique advantages and lets you develop capabilities across all of these domains: 


Combining the Movnat method with the Mental Shifts and Training Tactics shared here gives you a unique set of mental benefits: self-confidence, resourcefulness, adaptability and toughness are all increased.


By nature, all Movnat techniques have a practical application and are practiced with real-world parameters in mind. Learn how to climb a wall or a bar, lift various heavy objects and even carry a person to safety.


Movnat practice is a full-body and infinitely scalable fitness practice which results in increased levels of strength, mobility and conditioning at least equal (or superior to) more standard methods, including Crossfit.


Natural Movement as defined by Erwan Le Corre can also be described as the complete set of physical stimuli your body needs to stay healthy. Based on evolutionary biology and exercise science.


I am a Movnat Level 2 Certified Trainer and Behavioral Scientist. Working full-time as well as being a hands-on father to our 3 kids (3,5,8).

Their mother is a very successful academic and we both place a premium on time spent with the kids, for pleasure or for school work. This means while fitness is very important for me, I don’t have a lot of time to train in a structured manner.

Although my schedule is very busy and quite unpredictable, I still have some time when I can work out a few mins here and there. This website is where I share some tips that help me to actively stay in shape despite these constraints.

My main training method is through Movnat, but I also incorporate techniques from Gymnastics & Parkour in my training, and focus on creating long-term improvements in overall health using habit-forming methods.


  • Resources for busy professionals (and busy parents!) trying to stay in shape despite busy and unpredictable schedules
  • Tips to get the most out of your time with different training types. including playground friendly exercises you can do with your kids
  • Based on the latest results from evolutionary biology and behavioral science
  • Using a mix of Movnat, Gymnastics and Parkour techniques
  • Optimized for long-term health and injury prevention, not just performance

What I believe in

  • Our bodies are anatomically the same as the bodies of the early Homo Sapiens 315.000 years ago. They evolved to develop and age healthily under the constraints of evolutionary stimuli. They haven't adapted to cope with the industrial stimuli we now apply on them, primarily our lack of physical activity and our modern diets.
  • In order to maintain long-term health, we need to provide our bodies with much more physical stimuli than is currently the norm, and with an adjusted diet as free of artificial foods as possible.
  • Enough physical activity, both in total volume and in variety, can be obtained even with a modern urban lifestyle and a very busy schedule (high-flying professionals, parents of young kids, startup founders/employees, etc.).
  • If you’re a parent, it’s even more important to learn and practice this, for your own long-term health, but also to get your kids on the same path through role modeling. Your kids will form the habit of exercising and will get the necessary stimuli to develop a healthy body right when it matters the most.